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Do you know Gold Property Group do commercial property leasing management

If we can help you with any of your Commercial Property Management Please Contact us on 07 54957700 or rentals@goldgroup.com.au

If you are not getting the below from your current property management team maybe its time you called GOLD 07 54957700

Gold Has up to date technology.

We can pay you mid month and end of month if requested.

Careful screening and selection process for tenants. Remember it’s your hard earned property and you get the last say after we select the best tenant.

Zero tolerance with Rent Arrears. We will take the matter to court and we will ensure that the tenant is listed on TICA if they fail to do the right thing.

Quarterly onsite inspections of your property. Photos taken and kept on file.

Written reports and recommendations after inspections for your consideration.

Prompt tenant action to comply with the terms of their lease with you.

Regular rent reviews 60 days before the end of the lease.

Routine Repairs and Maintenance is discussed and authorized by you BEFORE the work is carried out. We take instruction in regards to time frames, quotes and payment of routine matters so no nasty surprise bills.

Emergency Repairs and Maintenance
As agreed on your management agreement. As a rule it is the equivalent of one weeks rent. Emergency response is usually after hours and is needed for faults or damage which could lead to death or injury to persons or serious damage to the property.

Planned maintenance or General upgrade work is liaised and planned with the owner when there is something that is not in good repair or working condition, or poses a health risk.

Water Compliancy Certificates - we ensure that landlords are protected in terms of passing on the water costs to tenants.

Gas Compliancy Certificates
Pool Compliancy Certificates
Smoke Alarms Compliancy Certificates

 Landlord Insurance are you covered for

• Loss of Rent - up to the re-let date
• No court order to make a claim
• No excess applied to rent claims
• Cover for water damage and storm damage
• Cover for fire burglary and Fusion
• Malicious Damage and Intentional damage (including damage by the tenants)
• Covers 5% of your contents sum for Flood Cover
• Claims excess as low as $50
• Claim cover tenant malicious damage
• Claim cover loss of rent for the property while the property is being reinstated - up to 52 weeks
• Claims for Fusion – no excess
• Claims for Water Damage or fire $50 excess

 Fees and Options
All inclusive Rent Collection and
Management Fee with No hidden extras
Letting Fee – first week of rent plus GST

FREE GOLD advertising for your property.

FREE Landlord Appraisals to assist with Insurance renewals or sale of your property

1st Option at purchasing one of our existing GOLD rentals for your portfolio when they come available.

FREE Advice of the Residential Tenancy Act


I invite you to come down to the office and have a chat if you think that we may be of some assistance to you.

I am looking for to catching up and getting
the job done.


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